Coffee Lounge Menu

Something Sweet..

Two Scoops of Clotted Cream Vanilla Ice Cream £4.95
choose a jug of our homemade sauce:
strawberry & elderflower | sticky toffee | rich chocolate & toasted nuts

Cinnamon & Apple Crumble Cheesecake £6.25

Creme Brûlée £6.25
with home baked shortcake.

Raspberry Posset £6.25
finished with elderflower jelly, with a homemade biscuit.

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.25
with toffee sauce & vanilla ice cream.

Mature Cheddar, Blue Stilton & Somerset Brie £6.95
with jacobs biscuits, cider & apple chutney.

Hot Drinks..

Espresso   £2.00 | Double Espresso   £2.25
A small strong coffee served black

Macchiato   £2.25
Espresso marked with a little warm foamed milk

Cappuccino   £2.60
Espresso topped with a generous amount of hot foamed milk & dusted with chocolate

Latte   £2.60
Espresso made into a long drink with steamed milk

Café Mocha   £2.85
A combination of espresso coffee & rich continental chocolate with hot foamed milk

Americano   £2.00
A single shot of espresso diluted with hot water to make a good rounded cup of coffee

Tea   £2.00 per person
Served by the pot

Fruit Tea   £2.00 per person
Served by the pot

Cold drinks

We offer a whole host of Fruit JuicesJ2O‘s and Fruit Shoots as well as Coca ColaLemonade & Appletise.