Marstons Pefigree 4.5% £4.10 per pint
There’s a distinctive flavour, down to its blend of Fuggles and Goldings hops, and Cassata Malt that reminds you of your Mum’s home-baked biscuits. It’s perfect with a really good steak, a warming roast, or a deep, steamy casserole.

Ringwood 3.8% £3.80 per pint
Good malt feel in the mouth, dry, tangy fruit finish. Delicious, easy drinking slightly tart pale bitter.

Sunbeam 4.2% £3.90 per pint
Sunbeam is a gloriously zesty blonde beer brewed to be easy drinking and refreshing with a clean long finish.

Marston’s New World 3.8% £3.80 per pint
Pale Ale – a light, refreshing new beer with all the funky flavours of some fresh Australian hops.

Guinness 4.2% £4.15 per pint
Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide.


Carlsberg 3.8% £3.85 per pint
Bright golden colour that delivers a refreshing beerdrinking experience with a crisp, clean hop finish. Moderate aroma with a full malty character.

Kronenbourg 1664 5% £4.40 per pint
Golden, high carbonation, good head. Light malty flavour is sweet & nice, crisp and quenching mouth feel finishes dry leaving you wanting more. A very good beer.

Amstel 4.1% £4.20 per pint
Our premium lager is an intensely crisp and refreshing lager, with an unmistakable touch of Italian style, brewed to the original recipe, since 1963

Budweiser 5.5% £3.70 per pint


Thatchers Gold Draught 4.8% £4.10 per pint
Tastes as good as it looks. Using the best of traditional approaches & modern techniques for a refreshing cider with a smooth appley taste & bright sparkle.

Strongbow 4.5-5% £3.90 per pint
Strongbow is a blend of bitter-sweet cider and culinary apples, making it a well-balanced hard cider that’s anything but ordinary. At first sip, you’ll note a bold cider flavour from the fermented cider apples, followed by a distinct, fresh apple taste from the culinary apples. Naturally gluten free, Strongbow is served in bottles, cans and on tap. We recommend drinking it over ice for a crisp, refreshing taste that always hits the spot.


Reds – all £15.50 per bottle

Los Romeros Malbec / Chile
crushed cherries with juicy plums.

Berri Estates Shiraz / Australia
dark cherries with swirls of vanilla cream

The Gourmet Cabernet Sauvignon / Australia
smooth and scented with blackcurrant and cherries.

Corte Vigna Merlot / Italy
bramble berries and vanilla cream.

Arium Tempranillo-Garnacha Tinto Albali / Spain
smooth blackberries and plump plums.

Whites – all £15.50 per bottle

Whispering Hills Chardonnay / USA
ripe juicy pineapple chunks with lemon zest

Cullinan View Sauvignon Blanc / South Africa
crunchy gooseberries on a grassy bed.

Blackstone Oaked Chardonnay / USA
beautifully smooth lemon and peach tones

Corte Vigna Pinot Grigio / Italy
racy crunchy green fruit with a floral flourish.

Arium Arien Blanco Albali / Spain
peachy soft with pineapple syrup.

Rosé – all £15.50 per bottle

Whispering Hills White Zinfandel / California
fruit packed, fun -packed & simply sociable.

Pinot Grigio Rosato Del Veneto / ltaly
a raspberry and apple scented summer breeze.


Louis dornier et Fils £27.00
frisky little bubbles to get the party started

Tattinger Brut Reserve £37.00
enticing elegance with a subtle biscuity charm. lingeringly light

Sparkling Wine

Gravet Prossecco / Italy £17.95
bursting bubbles of juicy berries

Pinot Grigio Blush / Italy £17.95
light dry with a fruity glow